Consider her a well organized, highly effective interior design obsessed Wonder Woman. Keia McSwain came to Kimberly + Cameron in 2014 after years of extensive work in furniture, stone, and kitchen & bath showrooms.  Her specialities are remote location installs and homes with 10 or more rooms. Specializing in E-Design she is able to manage every aspect of the project from almost any corner of the country. She provides the level of communication our clients have grown to love over the years.

Keia McSwain is a native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi and a graduate of Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi. She has acquired an extremely unique taste and style. Keia loves traveling, hip-hop music and losing herself in design books. Keia had the unique opportunity of studying Kimberly’s design style as a close apprentice for 5 years.

Keia splits her time between Atlanta and Houston and other areas of the South East where she still services Kimberly and Cameron Clients who have been with the company since its beginning in 2002.

Allison Harold


Consider Allison that forever stylish best friend who can find the most unique items in any shopping situation.  Allison is our extra set of eyes that says “Hey! Why not a hint of black here or an African print there.  She is always shopping for that one special piece.  She understands classic design and balances out any room with just a hint of the latest and trendiest. Allison has worked along side Kimberly for over 7 years.  Extremely resourceful, Allison’s newest under-taking is to archive the images from the past 15 years and look at new and innovative ways of styling and photographing the images, that will move you in the future.

Allison lives in Houston, Texas with her daughter and finance. Her personal home is an ever changing kaleidoscope of style where framed Hermes scarves hang along original works of art and a few DIY framing projects. Smart and confident, she believes that a home is never done and should be curated over a life time of wonder and travel.

Kimberly Morris


If you’ve ever wondered what would happen when the number one sales agent for a major new home builder is asked to turns her sight to marketing, and come up with design selections for new homeowners… just ask Kimberly Morris and you’ll see why we had to have her on our team.

One of the fastest growing segments of our design business are new people becoming niche builders.  This is often a small or newly formed company who can not afford to have a design team on staff.  At Kimberly + Cameron, we work with those builders to provide between 3 and 5 design options for the homeowner to choose from.

In addition she works with other members on our team to have the model home designed and ready to sell.

Kimberly knows what homeowners want and where to offer the best upgrades for their money.



Making sure all the trains run on schedule and that every lamp, light bulb, late arrival is properly invoiced, and most importantly that there are no suprises on your bill.  Tony is extremely organized and understands that you need timely updates and constant communication about your investment in your home.

In addition to accounts payable and receivable, Tony also handles change orders, amendments to the contract and other items that can muddy the water on a construcation or large home decorating project.  She’s always an email away and answers most questions within 6 hours. (Depending on the amount of research that needs to be done.) Tony can get with a Designer on the team and have the issue resolved in no time.